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Assistive Technology for Independent Living in  Senior Communities Improves Care

GMA Systems is an assistive technology for senior caregiving that allows your residents to remain in independent living longer. 

Using GMA System's enterprise dashboard, staff can interact with the entire community at once by pushing reminders, events, and flyers to all residents. Family members can video chat, share photos and videos, add calendar appointments, exchange messages, and be involved with their loved ones every day. 

Couple Drinking Coffee
Senior Community Using Gray Matters Alliance AssistiveTechnology

Even better, the residents don’t need to learn anything new to benefit from the interaction.

Improve staff productivity and secure a significant advantage over competitors. Enhance the resident experience with increased family interaction and socialization. 


The large touchscreen appliance and optional wireless monitoring sensors are placed in resident rooms throughout the community, encouraging family engagement, and enabling community-wide remote monitoring.

Assistive Living PLUS Program for Senior Communities

Bridge the Gap Between Senior Living Communities and Future Residents

Quite often, families tour your community but don’t end up finalizing the decision. Our Assistive Living PLUS program can help you bridge that gap and turn more tours into residents.

Maybe the family wasn’t ready, or maybe your community is on a waitlist - there can be many reasons for inaction, and the process to choose a senior community can be long. But you can ensure you don’t put in all the work to lose out to another community. 


Our assistive technology is an intermediary solution that will show potential residents and families how valuable your community is. 

Assistive living technology bridges the gap in senior living communities

Bridge the Gap Between “Not Yet” and “I’m Ready”​

By placing the GMA Assistive Living Technology in a potential residents current home you can demonstrate the type of care you provide in your community.

Future Residents

We can help you structure this plan to fit your current business model.

Senior Care Placement Consultants, you face similar issues and we can help you too!

How Gray Matters Alliance increases communication with senior communities
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