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The Best Remote In-Home Care Technology for Seniors Regardless of Geographic Location

Deciding to “age-in-place” is a big decision for seniors and their families. Ensuring everyone is equipped with the right tools is the key to safety, independence, and success!

The GMA Assistive Technology System lets family members and caregivers remotely care for a senior loved one in their home, regardless of geographic location.

Age in Place Safely with Technology from Gray Matters Alliance

The heart of the GMA System is a user friendly touchscreen in the senior’s residence. No computer or technology skills are needed from the senior. Your loved one doesn’t even need to touch the screen for it to do its job.


To your loved one, the system is information, socialization, family interaction, games, and music. To you and caregivers, it is a health tool providing peace of mind!

Family members can log into the online GMA System's portal to video chat, add messages and pictures, create to-do lists, and add medication reminders.


Wireless activity and telehealth devices can be added a la carte to any touchscreen. It can send email, phone, and text notifications to caregivers regarding specified events (e.g. didn’t get out of bed, didn’t take blood pressure reading, failed to open the fridge at mealtime, etc.)

Senior Benefits from Assistive Technology

  • Improved socialization and communication

  • Help to achieve milestones and goals 

  • Remote assist for daily living skills & activities

  • Better medical monitoring

  • Easily and safely receive messages, videos and pictures

  • Built-in games, websites, and music

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