Meet the Gold Standards in Assistive Technology & Remote Monitoring for Independent Living

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Assistive technologies  that make aging-in-place accessible. Aging adults have more options now than ever.

Introducing Gray Matters Alliance Systems

All-In-One solutions for aging in place

Gray Matters Alliance is happy to announce that we offer not one but two Assistive Technology options for independent living. 

GMA Systems offers holistic TeleCare plans to improve the lives of aging adults and individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions to live more independently, wherever they call “home,” and to reduce their financial and emotional burdens. GMA System brings peace of mind to families knowing their loved one is monitored 24/7.


GMA Systems Cover:

Remote Monitoring

Telecare/TeleMedicine Management

Home Safety/Smart Home


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The GMA Systems 

Maintains Independent Living and Improves Quality of Life

GMA Systems removes the anxieties family members have about the level of care their loved one is receiving when they’re not around.

GMA Systems is a TeleCare service that supports and monitors aging adults' health, safety, and well-being all day and night. Thanks to wearable devices and in-home sensors.

GMA Systems, care receivers have 24/7 access to their care providers and can easily check in with family members and friends. 


Data is collected in real-time from wearable medical devices and sensors. Allowing your loved-one independence and supportive care at the same time.


Here is whom Gray Matters Alliance System Helps!

  • Adults aging in place

  • Intellectually and physically disabled people


The GMA Systems provides a CareFlow navigator that coordinates care activities and resources throughout the day and night. Caregivers and users can track and manage their activities and measure outcomes. 

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The GMA System

The GMA System offers the most comprehensive and holistic HIPAA compliant assistive technology for caregiving and health coordination on the market. It enables aging and disabled individuals to live independently through remote monitoring and assistive technologies.


Providing peace of mind and a priceless level of safety and security for your loved one while helping maintain their independence.


Manage Care from Anywhere

The Caregiver Portal can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connectivity. Our system is completely customizable and designed for each person's unique needs.


Simple Setup | Easy to Use

Gray Matters Alliance will set up all the rules and alerts for each individual's needs that alert staff and caregivers immediately if something is amiss. The system is fluid and can grow with the individual.


No Computer Skills Needed

All updates are done seamlessly behind the scenes. No computer skills are needed for individuals to engage with the system. Gray Matters Alliance provides training and ongoing support.

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Assistive Technology Features:

  • Remote, real-time video assessments

  • Home safety monitoring

  • Fall alerts

  • Medication management

  • Medication reminders

  • Instant vitals alerts

  • Calendar events and scheduling

  • Task lists for home, school or work

  • Tutorials/How-To's

  • Customization based on ISPs

  • Document and store HIPAA sensitive data

  • Improved socialization and communication

  • Help to achieve milestones and goals 

  • Remote assistance for daily living skills & activities

  • Better medical monitoring

  • Easily and safely receive messages, videos, and pictures

  • Built-in games, websites, and music

  • Tailored patient approach

  • Faster response times

  • Reduced caregiver error

  • Increased communication with family and caregivers


Assistive Technology Benefits:


Optional Activity and Environment Monitoring with the GMA Assistive Technology System

GMA Systems comes with a variety of non-invasive sensors are available to accurately monitor the daily activities and environment of aging or disabled individuals without impeding their lifestyle or privacy, or negatively affecting the aesthetics of their home.

Motion Sensors

Alerts include motion, no motion, excessive motion, or wandering motion.


Contact Sensors

Door/Window/Refrigerator/Cabinets/Drawers alerts include opened, not opened, or next opened.


Pressure Sensors


Alerts will inform you if there is movement or lack of activity.

Blood Pressure Device

Weight Scale


Ear Thermometer

Pulse Oximeter

Action Buttons

Get notification and video call alerts.

Temperature Sensors

Air temperature in-home sensors. As well as above stove alerts.


Wellness Monitoring

A collection of Bluetooth health devices measure and record wellness readings. 

Trend graphing, printable health reports, and medication efficacy analytics can be accessed from the Care Portal by caregivers.

Indoor Safe-Path Lighting

Motion and time-controlled automatic lighting from plug-in lamp modules. 

Lights help mitigate fall risks.


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The GMA Systems Disclaimer

The GMA Systems is HIPAA-compliant technology. ​The GMA System I is an FDA Approved Med II Medical Device. ISO-13485 carries the CE Mark, and all data is encrypted. GMA System II, however, is not FDA Approved.