The Process

GMA offers an initial no-cost screening phone call to assess the current situation.

Once an in-home appointment is scheduled then the following will be conducted:


Our OT will assess the client's medical history, cognitive level, mobility, strength, and balance


The entire home is taken into consideration to include: the inside, outside and all entrances/exits. Room by room we will assess any safety, hazards, or any modifications and equipment that will be needed


A written assessment, which include recommendations on education, equipment and resources to improve safety and independence in the home


The therapist who performed the assessment will go over the recommendations with the family, guardian or caregivers


Once the improvements are made, GMA provides a final summary report to ensure all suggested recommendations are in place and the client's needs were met

Gray Matters Alliance (GMA) provides Home Safety Assessments completed by skilled Occupational Therapists (OTR/L) and Assistance (COTA/L). Occupational Therapists are clinically trained specialists that provide you with a professional assessment of your surroundings. We are trained to create improved safety and independence in your home. We will instruct you and your family on services, equipment, technology, and community resources to help you stay at home. We work with both seniors and those with intellectual and  developmental disabilities to create increased safety and independence.


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