Healthcare Practices/Hospitals/Clinics

As healthcare providers you want to provide consistent, quality care for your patients. Not only do you want them to get well and stay well, but also educate and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health for better outcomes and a better quality of life.

When you hand a patient their instructions for care, are they adhering to them?      

                           Chances are they are not following them very well, if at all.

Providing the tools and resources your patient needs while at home can be difficult, after all you are not there to remind them of everything they need to do or encourage good behavior.

But.....What if you were there, reminding them to take their vitals and record them, reminding them when to take their medications, making sure they are taking the correct ones, or how to use their inhaler correctly, showing them how to cook a healthy meal, demonstrate the best exercises to do after rehab, or provide cognitive behavioral therapy for smoking cessation. Do you think they would have better overall outcomes? Probably so.

Gray Matters Alliance’s GMA System can provide the tools your patients need at home, while away from your direct care.



  • HIPAA Compliant 

  • Closed Private Network

  • Virtually assess a patient

  • Follow up visits

  • Medication changes

  • Vital readings while on call

  • Can also be used to video chat with family and friends



  • Reminders/Alerts

  • Compliancy Reports/Track adherence

  • Pictures of the medication 

  • Instructions

  • Notification sent if not complied with

  • Safety/avoid adverse reactions

  • Medication changes

Virtual Vitals
  • Bluetooth devices, uploads results automatically

  • Results are easily viewed and retrieved

  • Visually assess if alerted to an out of range parameter

  • Immediately receive alerts for out of range readings 

  • Data provides patterns and historical information

  • Customizable assessments to gauge patient’s progress, either daily or weekly

Care Notes

 Care Plans

  • Care plan/instructions available right on the system for the patient/caregivers to access, allowing for collaboration  

  • Care Notes are daily notes that all parties can share and take part in 

  • Eliminates lack of consistency

Educational Tutorials

  • Brandable education websites/ videos

  • Tutorials can be for the patients or caregivers

  • Reduce patient and caregiver error

  • Encourages proper use of medical devices, lifestyle changes



  • Appointment reminders for telehealth and in-office

  • Schedule routines/tasks-Daily ADLS,

  • Could be used for other aspects of patients lives, holidays, b-days, other appointments





  • Activity Monitoring

  • Motion or no motion

  • Home Safety

  • Mitigate Falls

  • Smart Home compatible

  • Emergency pendants

  • System keeps patients engaged

  • Brain games/assists

  • News, weather, sports

  • Video chat w/family and friends

  • White-label branding

  • Connect with patients from any device, from anywhere

  • Practices can offer concierge services

  • Get reimbursed for telehealth calls

  • Billable after-hour calls

  • Improve outcomes of your patients

  • More efficient use of doctors and staff's time

  • Offer this to all your patients or just your highest risk /chronic 

  • Eliminate cancellations and rescheduling

  • Improve patient satisfaction

How Do Your Patients Benefit From Remote Supports?

  • Daily reminders and alerts keeps them on track 

  • Successful adherence to care plans

  • Solves transportation issues

  • Solves childcare issues

  • Less likely to cancel or reschedule

  • Eliminates healthy patients from being compromised 

  • Saves time

  • Educational component helps with lifestyle changes

  • Provides positive feedback, reinforcement and encouragement

  • Avoids unnecessary ER visits

  • Avoids readmissions to hospitals

  • Mitigate falls and other accidents in the home

  • Helps stay socially engaged and avoids isolation and loneliness


Once your patients walk out the door they are on their own  until you see them again, which may be months or years later. With remote supports, provided by you, they have a much better chance of success. 


GMA's  assistive technology and remote supports/monitoring system is like you are there, gently nudging them; allowing them to build good habits and make those lifestyle changes needed to get healthy and remain healthy. 

GMA is here to help you build your own assistive technology/telehealth business plan or enhance your existing model and walk you through every step of the way. Please contact us for a no fee, no obligation consultation.