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AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch


Assistive Technology, Smart Watches

AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch

AngelSense watches are innovative and reliable wearable devices designed to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind for families with loved ones who have special needs. These watches are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, two-way voice communication, and various safety features. The real-time GPS tracking allows caregivers to monitor the wearer's location and receive instant alerts if the person goes off-track or enters restricted areas, ensuring their safety at all times. With the two-way voice communication, caregivers can easily talk to the wearer and offer reassurance or assistance when needed. AngelSense watches are discreetly designed and comfortable to wear, making them suitable for all age groups. The user-friendly mobile app further simplifies the monitoring process, offering real-time updates and historical location data. Whether it's an autistic child, elderly family member with dementia, or an individual with cognitive challenges, AngelSense watches are invaluable tools that provide an extra layer of protection and ensure the well-being of those who may wander or need constant supervision.

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