Hospital-to-Home Program

Chronic disease management tools enable a seamless transition from hospital to home, enhance patient experience, and coordinate patient-centered care.

GMA System's simple touchscreen appliance arms a discharged patient with diagnosis information, instructions, medication management, remote caregiving coordination and one-touch HIPAA-compliant video chat with health providers.


Wireless telehealth devices enable remote monitoring of patient vitals, preventing avoidable hospital readmissions. Activity sensors alert remote caregivers to unexpected lifestyle changes.

Proven Results

Teleheath HIPAA compliant

2013 study using GMA System  technology:

  • 36% improvement in HbA1c blood sugar

  • 37% improvement in triglycerides

  • 29% reduction in inpatient hospital admissions

  • 36% reduction in emergency room visits


Encourage family participation. Empower the patient. Promote adherence to instructions and medication protocols. Recognize and respond quickly to key changes in behaviors and vitals. Mitigate hospitalizations. Manage risk. And reach cost-saving goals.