GMA's Drive Safe Program

Everyone is at risk for a traffic accident but your loved one may be at an elevated risk for an accident or possibly something even worse.


Family members often try, to no avail, to get their loved one to give up the keys which can lead to resentment and communication failures. In many instances it is swept under the rug and the driver continues with his or her unsafe driving; putting themselves and others at risk.


Through GMA's Drive Safe Program, a lot of the problems that occur with your loved-one's driving can be avoided. Our program is unique in that the older driver can help participate in the decision that will ultimately affect them.

Senior Driver

This individualized program has been designed to serve as a valuable tool in helping older drivers and their families make appropriate decisions regarding the future of their driving careers.


Our certified driving professional facilitates the self-assessment program in a non-intimidating, relaxed way and best of all it’s in the drivers own home.


We have found that if the senior is directly involved in the decision to retire from driving as opposed to being “told” to retire, the outcomes are much better....our program is designed to do just that, all in a dignified manner!

Gray Matters Alliance also provides this service for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) individuals to determine if they are still safe to drive after an accident or a life changing event, or if driving cessastion or additional safety training is needed.

   Is the GMA's Drive Safe Program the   

           right choice for your family?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.


  • Are you worried about your mom or dad’s driving?

  • Have they been in an accident recently?

  • Have they been getting pulled over by the police?

  • Has the doctor suggested your loved one shouldn’t drive anymore?

  • Do they have health issues that may have a direct effect on driving capabilities?

  • Do you live out of town and aren’t sure if they are still driving satisfactorily?

  • Is talking about retiring from driving a touchy subject with your loved one?

  • Are you looking for a program that will help further your loved one’s ability to remain a safe driver and continue to monitor their skills as they progress through the aging process?

What can be expected during a Drive Safe session?


  • Information from the family over the phone prior to going out for the visit so we can understand your loved one better

  • The session will be completed most times in the senior’s own home, at their own kitchen table

  • Learning conversation, non-confrontational. We build trust from the second we meet them

  • Non-intimidating cognitive exercises

  • Driving exercise - in the senior’s OWN vehicle, on their OWN familiar routes

  • Complete, comprehensive report and recommendations sent to the family and anybody else that is requested by the senior

Here’s what the GMA Drive Safe Program is NOT:


  • We do NOT make you come to an unfamiliar location to drive on unfamiliar roads, in an unfamiliar vehicle, or worse, on a simulator, all of which only adds stress and anxiety

  • We do NOT take the license or keys away, report to the DMV or call the police

  • We do NOT treat your loved one as a “patient” but rather an individual who deserves respect and dignity in what is probably the most disruptive, traumatic time in their lives