Assistive Living PLUS for Home Health Agencies

Why Prospective Clients Say "No"

All too often prospective clients go through the motions of having your agency come to their home to discuss services but end up not doing anything at all. 


There is something they are currently experiencing which initiated the contact to your agency in the first place.

Some people take the plunge without much thought but sometimes people just need to get acclimated to the idea of something and takes a little longer to become comfortable with it.

Sales cycles can be long, don’t put in all the work for another Home Health Agency to pick up where you left off. Your Agency can help bridge the gap between the Home Health Assessment and the transition to providing Home Health Care. Give them that intermediary solution and show them how valuable your services really are.

How We Can Help

Assistive Living Plus Program for Home Health can help give you and the client the best of both worlds.

By placing a GMA System in the client's existing residence, your client can benefit from the same type of health and safety benefits that a caregiver coming to the home can provide.


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