Empowering Individuals To Remain Independent and Safe


Gray Matters Alliance empowers individuals with disabilities and the aging to live independently and safely through assistive technology and remote monitoring while reducing the cost of caregiving and provide improved efficiencies and documentation for staff.

​Gray Matters Alliance also helps our seniors remain safe on the roads and if driving cessation is needed, assist the families with the transition of their loved one from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

Gray Matters Alliance is a Medicaid Provider.



About Gray Matters Alliance

Our Team

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Vicki Spraul

Vicki Spraul, President of Gray Matters Alliance, LLC. has over 30 years of sales, marketing and training experience in various industries. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration. Vicki’s passion for the older population led her to create Gray Matters Alliance in 2014. It was down the road that she discovered our disabled population shares a lot of the same trials and tribulations as our seniors and she wanted to serve those individuals as well.

Vicki received her certification in the Beyond Driving with Dignity program in 2014 through Keeping Us Safe, a national program which is designed to help older drivers and their families work through the complicated issues of age-related diminished driving skills. In 2016 she received the "Bill and Betty Fresch Outstanding Achievement Award, which is given to those showing unwavering dedication and compassion in helping older adults. Vicki is part of the Leadership Team at Keeping Us Safe in the role of Director of Talent Acquisition, finding those individuals that show the compassion and commitment to become a Beyond Driving with Dignity Certified Professional.

After working with families for some time, the same theme emerged, they wanted to monitor their loved ones in their daily activities so they remain safe but also wanted to give them their independence. After researching solutions Vicki decided that the GrandCare System fit the bill to solve a lot of the issues and provide peace of mind for the families. Gray Matters Alliance became a distributer for GrandCare Systems in 2016. This system is a wonderful fit for both seniors and the developmentally disabled.. Vicki’s mission is to help keep these individuals safe, connected and respected.  

Aaron Milligan

Aaron Milligan is a certified and licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant. He graduated from Meramec Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. While working through school, Aaron began working as a rehabilitation technician and continued his work, through the years, in Acute Hospital Rehabilitation, Geriatric rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Home Health, and Administration of Rehabilitation Facilities since 1996.


In 2018, he joined a family-owned business supplying specialized seating, wheelchairs, and medical equipment to the uninsured, as well as working for Gray Matters Alliance, a telehealth monitoring systems company that's mission is to help individuals be more independent and safer in their own environment. Aaron is also the owner of his own company, Home Safety for Seniors, which provides home safety assessments for those who are aging or with disabilities.


Growing up with a father who was disabled, Aaron has both a professional and personal understanding of caring for people at home, as well as how best to create independence and safety in the home and community. It is his vocation in life to help individuals who need care and assistance and appreciates the fact that in life there are people of all different abilities. Aaron Milligan endeavors are supported by his wife, Lisa and their two children.