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Smart Home Devices for Automation


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Smart Home Devices for Automation

Gray Matters Alliance carries a variety of smart home automation systems and devices. Smart Home technology allows someone to control many things throughout their home through voice, head mouse, eye tracker, or motion. The ease with which you can control the environment around you is immeasurable for individuals who otherwise couldn’t remain in their own homes or live independently. Examples of smart home devices offered through Gray Matters Alliance include:

Lights and smart bulbs (on/off, including for ambient or sensory needs)
Blinds/Drapery (open and close)
Smart smoke/CO2 alarms (app-based to notify loved ones)
Universal Remotes (control TV, Automatic door locks)
Environmental (temperature)
Water detection
Automatic door openers
Smart Plugs (turn appliances or plugged-in items on/off through app and notification)
Smart appliances

GMA will consult with clients, families, and caregivers to design a solution that works for their needs. With technology, having a truly accessible home is becoming easier and improving the quality of life for many.

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