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Hapbee Sleep Smart Mat


Assistive Technology, Sleep Smart Mat

Hapbee Sleep Smart Mat

Use Hapbee’s patented technology to bio-stream compounds like caffeine and melatonin digitally - without you having to ingest them. That means no lasting side effects and no stomach discomfort. With years of clinical and consumer data, Hapbee’s technology is proven safe and effective for sleepers across the nation, including those who are professional athletes, U.S. active and retired military, and wellness practitioners who want to improve focus and sleep without depending on drugs or supplements. 

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep with Hapbee's tiny magnetic songs, which naturally stimulate the bio-receptors in cells that recreate the same sensations as caffeine and melatonin but without the side effects. With the rest you need, you can have the potential to feel better, maintain focus during the day, and increase performance. Just choose the blend of waveforms you’d like to play, and Hapbee does the rest for you!

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