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People with disabilities can be empowered for safe independence through GMA

Tools and Educational Resources to Support Independent Living for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, TBI and Seniors 

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Mother supporting her child through a disability

GPS tracker designed to help with special needs.


Transform your stove to a smart stove! Keeping you safe as you cook

Toch Smarturns

Non-wearable sleep tracker to monitor the safety

Toch Sleepsense

An easy to configure automatic dispenser for medication


Visual information assistance for things around you.

OrCam MyEye

Leading seizure monitoring app for people with epilepsy.


Reading assistant for those who are auditory readers

OrCam Read

Platform enabling individuals to live safely in their homes

Seniors using the GMA video library to learn more about independent living technology

Explore Our Video Library to Gain Expert Insight About Independent Living Technologies and Trends, Home and Community Safety, and Many Other Topics