GMA System for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Everyone deserves to live as independently as possible. With the right support and GMA System's technology, the I/DD community can! 
Empowering Independence

• Memory Assists

• How-To Instructionals

• Schedule and To Do Lists

• Self-Assessment

• Request Support

• Rule-Based Alerts

Disabled Assistive Techology

Optional motion, temperature, door and telehealth sensors can notify a custom list of family and caregivers if something seems wrong, or a potential health concern is detected.

Wellness, Activity, Environment 

Do more with your existing staff. Provide support remotely, and in the least intrusive way!

  • Touchscreen in each client home or ISL

  • Activity & Telehealth Sensors

  • All staff documentation in one place

  • Medication Management & Compliancy

  • Virtual Vitals

  • HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

  • Enterprise Caregiver Dashboard

  • Caregiver Phone, Text, Email Alerts

  • Staff training tutorials

Why A GMA System ?


GMA arms providers with meaningful, actionable personal health and wellness data for faster, better and more affordable care. Save on unnecessary costs. Provide better care.