Aging Journey Workshop Questions


Q: Where do I go to attend the workshop?


A: We usually come to your organization or community center/church for the workshops but we will also hold events that are open to the general public and that information will be listed on our website and on Eventbrite.


Q: Is this for companies or individuals?


A: Both! It is open to any caregiver or anyone who would like to experience the Aging Journey.

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Q: Can children attend the workshop?


A: We welcome 12+ years old to attend when accompanied by an adult, 16 and over does not require supervision. This workshop is great for high school, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, volunteers.

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Q: How long are the workshops?


A: They are usually 3.5 hours in length. We can accommodate a shorter workshop if needed.


Q: I have been taking care of seniors my entire career, what makes this training different?


A: This is probably a training unlike anything you have been to before.  This is an interactive, walk in someone’s shoes approach as opposed to lecture/textbook type of training. You will not be bored with this workshop!

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Q: I don’t care for a senior but I do market and sell to seniors, how would this workshop help me?


A: How do you know how to market or sell to seniors if you don’t know what they go through on a daily basis? If you walk in their shoes, you can relate to them better. Their needs and wants differ from other generations.

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Q: What do I need to bring with me to a workshop?


A: The only thing you need is an open mind. Wear comfortable clothing since you will be moving around a bit.