Our empathy Aging Journey workshops are not only unique and thought provoking but allow the participants to experience the aging journey first hand through simulated activities while having the same limitations that most seniors experience. This, combined with walking in a senior’s shoes hits most people personally one way or another.


Whether you know someone close to you who is aging or you see a glimpse into your own future, there will be an emotional connection that will have an everlasting effect.  


Why Take an Empathy Workshop with Gray Matters Alliance?

Gray Matters Alliance is for anyone who has a caregiver role, lives with, or markets and sells to seniors. Experiencing the aging journey first hand will give a perspective that you wouldn’t know otherwise. Seniors have different views of the world, not only from a physical standpoint but from an emotional and financial one, with different priorities, needs and wants.

When you go to a training how much do you really retain? If you think back to all the learning moments in your life that were the most memorable, it’s usually when there was an emotion tied to it. They probably weren’t the boring lectures, online curriculum  or trainings you sat through at work or school. No one really likes to hear someone talk on and on or be read to without any interaction or engagement. Gray Matters Alliance is different in that it was designed to not only educate but tie an emotional connection to it. The knowledge and the hands on aging journey you will experience from this workshop will have an everlasting effect both in a professional and personal way. You will not only learn what a senior goes through as they age but what you may go through as you age.

There are few people or businesses that don’t have contact with our older population. In order to help a senior, you have to think like a senior. By taking this sensitivity workshop you will be able to relate, learn and adjust how you currently interact with seniors. Why is this important? We need to dispel the preconceived notions that exist today, allowing an employee to be more effective, a caregiver to be more patient or a business to retain this particular demographic. Walking a mile in a senior’s shoes will give you their point of view.

Simulated exercises will cover:


  •  Vision Loss

  •  Hearing Loss

  •  Dexterity & Neuropathy

  •  Mobility & Balance

  •  Taste/Smell

  •  Mental Health Issues

  •  Emotions

On the Aging Journey you will be performing everyday activities that most of us take for granted while simulating common aging limitations. These simulations are interactive, fun and engaging.



In conjunction to the simulated exercises you will learn about:


  •  Preventive measures/wellness

  •  Why certain things happen during the aging process

  •  Overview of myths and misconceptions of aging and seniors

  •  How you can help seniors through their limitations



Participant’s Objectives:


Examples of the things you will take away after the workshop:


  •  Not all seniors are created equal

  •  Patience, sensitivity, diversity, tolerance, empathy

  •  What steps you can take to have a more productive working and living relationship with seniors  

  •  What to expect as you age

  •  Aging is a journey and ever evolving and can be a very positive experience

As you age, how do you want to be treated?

We've lost that "respect your elders" credo. Every elder person out there was once your age and one day you'll be their age. It's all relative, there's always someone who thinks of you as young (think of your parents) and someone who thinks of you as old (think of your kids).


Can you imagine spending most of your life having a purpose, being respected and valued only to end up in your senior years ignored, unappreciated and disrespected? If we don't change the mindsets of people's view of aging, encourage sensitivity, understand diversity, dispel myths and show the true value seniors have, the cycle will continue and this will be your future too. 


We tend to be more empathetic towards someone when we experience it first hand, then "we get it" but how do you know what someone goes through as an elder person until you experience it yourself first hand? Sure, you can have someone tell you how it feels or read about it OR you can experience it through THE AGING JOURNEY.


Do you think if you were armed with this knowledge you would be a better caretaker? Be able to communicate your product  better? Understand your client's needs better? Be a better employer? 

Who Should Experience the Aging Journey?



Doctors, all specialties 



Physical Therapists 

Doctor Office Staff 


Vision Centers

Hearing Centers

Dental Office

Business Services


Financial Planners  

Estate Planners


Senior Planners


Insurance Agents

Real Estate Agents



Banks/Credit Unions  

Mortgage Companies  

Grocery Stores  

Restaurant Workers  

Department Stores  

Senior Services


Retirement Homes

Nursing Homes 

Adult Daycare Workers

In-Home Caregivers

Transportation Providers

​Social Workers



Multi-generational families


Girl Scout/Boy Scout

Community Centers  









Nursing School

Medical Schools

Medical Asst. Schools 

High Schools 





Travel Agencies 


Charter/Motor Coaches



Recruiters/HR/Hiring Managers

Companies that market and sell to seniors

Call Centers

Companies who have an intergenerational workforce

Companies who would like to offer the workshops to their client base

Companies that offer Wellness Programs  ​Companies that encourage sensitivity & diversity