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Keeping Us Safe and GoGoGrandparent Partner to Help Keep Older Drivers Safe AND Independent

Keeping Us Safe is pleased to announce the development of a national partnership with GoGoGrandparent that will help older drivers that may be experiencing a diminishment in driving skills remain safe and independent at the same time.

Keeping Us Safe, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, works to help older drivers who may be experiencing an age-related diminishment in driving skills make a smooth transition from the driver’s seat to the passenger, while still maintaining their dignity. Matt Gurwell, retired Ohio State Trooper and founder of Keeping Us Safe, explains “Our programs are designed to save lives by helping older drivers with diminished skills transition into a driving retirement.”

Twenty-five hundred miles away in San Jose, California, exists GoGoGrandparent, a start-up company that has developed a very valuable tool to help older adults maintain an independent lifestyle even though they may no longer be driving.

Justin Boogaard, co-founder of GoGoGrandparent explains that his program was developed to help older adults who may no drive anymore and who may not be comfortable in the use of smartphones or their related apps, still be able to use the services of transportation providers like Uber and Lyft. The GoGoGrandparent service is now available in all fifty states.

“Keeping Us Safe has been working for nearly a decade to help older adults and their families make safe driving decisions,” said GoGoGrandparent co-founder Justin Boogaard, “We’re honored to have been sought out as their national partner to ensure older adults who give up their keys aren’t giving up their lifestyle.”

“Each day, we help older adults & their families walk through the decision of when to stop driving,” reported Keeping Us Safe founder Matt Gurwell, “We’re thrilled to be working with GoGoGrandparent because of the best in class mobility solution they provide can ease decision making for so many of our clients. Their user-friendly service will undoubtedly remove some of the pain caused by the decision of older adults to no longer drive.”

To celebrate the new partnership, Keeping Us Safe will be offering discounts for their self-assessment program to tech-challenged seniors (and their concerned families!) referred to them by GoGoGrandparent.

Click here to watch a CBS story on the valuable service GoGoGrandparent has developed to help older adults maintain their independence. To learn more about how GoGoGrandparent can help the loved-one in your family maintain their independence, visit their website at www.gogograndparent.com or call them at 855-464-6872.

Click here to watch an NBC segment on Keeping Us Safe and their self-assessment program for older drivers. To learn more about Keeping Us Safe and the services they offer to older drivers and their concerned families, visit www.keepingussafe.org or call them at 877-907-8841.

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