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Introducing the Recipient of the 2016 - "Bill & Betty Fresch Outstanding Achievement Award&

Vicki Spraul, B.A. St. Louis, Missouri

Keeping Us Safe is proud to announce that Vicki Spraul, B.A., is the recipient of the 2016 "Bill and Betty Fresch Outstanding Achievement Award".

A St. Louis resident, Vicki Spraul received her original certification in the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" program inDecember, 2014. She holds a bachelor's degree in business and is the founder of Gray Matters Alliance, an organization created to help keep seniors throughout the greater St. Louis area safe, connected and respected.

"The compassion, empathy and tact that Vicki displays while helping older drivers with diminished skills make a smooth retirement from driving are what have made her so successful in the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" program." says Matt Gurwell, founder of Keeping Us Safe. "She is a great asset to our team but more importantly, she is providing an exceptional service to the greater St. Louis community." Matt adds.

Keeping Us Safe is a national organization that provides practical, real-life solutions to older drivers and their families throughout the United States. Its 'Beyond Driving with Dignity' program is designed to save lives while simultaneously helping to ease the burden of the family as they find themselves faced with the very challenging issue of an elderly parent's diminishing driving skills.

As a "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professional, Vicki serves as a facilitator for Keeping Us Safe's 'self-assessment program' for older drivers. This individualized program serves as a valuable tool in helping older drivers (and their families) make appropriate decisions regarding the future of one's safe driving career.

The 3-hour, one-on-one session is typically conducted in the comfort of the older driver's home. The session includes an in-depth learning conversation, several cognitive exercises, and an actual driving exercise with the older driver that takes place in his or her own car.