Senior Driving Questions


Q: Where does my mom/dad have to go to do the self-assessment?


A: We do the self-assessments in the comfort of your mom/dad’s home.

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Q: Is this something we could do on our own?


A: Sure, we have workbooks for sale that will assist you as you go through the steps. We do find however, that having an independent 3rd-party person, such as a Beyond Driving with Dignity Professional help to navigate the waters, there seems to be less resistance to the decision.

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Q: Are you a driving assessor?


A: No, we are not. While there is definitely a need for driver assessors, we take a different approach. We don’t take the keys away, we don’t report anything to the police or DMV, the self-assessments are performed in the comfort of the senior’s own home, the driving exercise is in the senior’s own car and they drive on their familiar routes.


Q: Do you offer group presentations?


A: Yes we do. We have two to choose from - one geared to the adult children to help guide them through the process and one geared to the senior driver to help them as they continue to age.

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Q: Do you have any presentations that give me credit for my continuing education needs?


A: Yes we do. We offer two different presentations. 

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Q: If my company has people who need CEUs will you come to us?


A: Of course!