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Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth Study 2017

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Lorien Health Systems Results 2017


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2013 Pilot with older adults eligble for nursing home level care

Patient use of GMA Technology (powered by GrandCare) used in conjunction with case management services has been shown to reduce readmissions by 51%.(1)


In a pilot with older adults eligible for nursing home level care, the group utilizing passive technology to monitor ADLs and IADLs had fewer acute hospitalizations, ER visits, LTC admissions and days, SNF admissions..(2)


Participants in a GC pilot program saw a 58% reduction in acute care admission rates, for a savings of $372,672.(3)


These participants also experienced a reduction in their all-cause 30 day readmission rate to 4.5% (compared to the 15.95% state average), for a savings of $25,880. Their cost to deliver this technology-enabled care was $6,600.(3)

Improve Self-Management

A patient population using GMA System (GCTechnology) demonstrated 88% adherence to their medical medical device and medication reminder treatment regimen.(1)

Participants using this technology reported a willingness to become more engaged and an increase in awareness of their health.(3)

Improve Satisfaction

Participants in a GC pilot reported high levels of patient satisfaction.(3)


For patients GC Technology in the home in conjunction with case management, 93% reported satisfaction with services. (1)


In a pilot of 22 patients using GC, 100% of respondents agreed with the statement, “I have no difficulty telling others about the benefits of the system.”(3)

Reduce ER Department Utilization

One initiative using GMA System (GC Technology) to manage patients with high resource use achieved a 75% reduction in ED visits.(1)


In a passive technology pilot with nursing home eligible patients at risk of falls and living alone, utilization of ED, long-term care and SNFs were all reduced by at least 10%.(2)

Cost Effective

One study found that the initial investment in technology was recovered in 1-3 years due to reduced costs of care.(4)


The total savings in reduced acute admissions was $372,672 for patients using GC with RPM and care management, while the cost to administer this technology-enabled care was $64,500.(3)

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