Activity and Environment Monitoring

A variety of non-invasive sensors accurately monitor the daily activities and environment of residents without impeding their lifestyle, privacy, or negatively affecting the aesthetics of the home.

Motion Sensors

Alerts include motion, no motion, excessive motion or wandering motion

Contact Sensors


Alerts include opened, not opened or next opened

Action Buttons

Alerts will be sent if pushed. If you prefer, a video call could be started if pushed

Pressure Sensors


Alerts will inform you if there is movement or lack of movement

Indoor Safe-Path Lighting

Motion and time-controlled automatic lighting via plug-in lamp modules. Mitigate fall risks

Temperature Sensors

(Air temperature in home/Above Stove)

Alerts include greater than or less than

Wellness Monitoring

A collection of bluetooth health devices measure and record wellness readings. Trend graphing, printable health reports, and medication efficacy analytics can be accessed from the Care Portal by caregivers.

Blood Pressure Device
Weight Scale
Ear Thermometer
Pulse Oximeter