Q: Who is this system designed for?

A: XXXXXThere are two sides to the system, the caregiver/staff/family side and then the client/patient side. Both sides can use it or sometimes if the client/patient is unable to use it, it can still help the family and staff

Q: Where can the system be used?

A: Any type of setting whether it’s an individual’s home where they live by themselves or with family, group homes, retirement communities, home health agencies, hospice/palliative, hospital to home, respite care, managed care

Q: Do I need the internet?

A: Yes, either wifi, ethernet, or hotspot,

Q: How is it paid for?

A: GMA is a Medicaid Waiver provider for the state of MO and IL (other states pending) and private pay (financing avail). GMA also offers Lease -to-Own options for private pay

Q: Do you offer insurance?

A: Yes, 12.99/mo for added on to whichever monthly tier you choose (see tiers- have a link to it and post that on site)

Q: Is the system smart home capable?

A: Yes, things like pathway lighting, door locks, xxxgarage, smart plugs etc

Q: Do you provide technical support?

A: Yes we do, we are always here to walk you through things, we are able to remote in

Q: Are you just in MO?

A: No we are nationwide (the system is international)

Q: Do you have cameras?

A: We can offer them and the system will work with cameras, however we don’t recommend it in most situations. We feel people think it’s too intrusive, especially if there are others in the home. Ok for common hallway or perimeter use

Q: What if my loved one goes into respite or lives in 2 homes such as a divorce?

A: The system can go with them. The monitor is lightweight and travels well or the monitor can be “mirrored” on to a smaller tablet. The system can move through the continuum of life

Q: I need to make sure my loved one takes their medications, how do I know they aren’t just saying they are?

A: We provide a few different levels of compliancy and adherence- the acknowledgment by client or staff, visually watch them take the medications, contact sensors that will alert if it wasn’t accessed and lastly if there is a change in vitals, trackable by the data it will show something is off such as they aren’t really taking their meds or skipping doeses.

Q: My loved one is a fall risk, do you have PERS?

A: Yes we provide those either around the neck or wrist types that can be programmed to alert family, caregivers, staff or even 911