Family Empowerment Classes


This in-person class is ideal for families that believes they can handle the topic of  driving retirement with their loved one on their own, but would appreciate some direction, guidance, support and encouragement on how best to handle the discussions with their loved-one.  We help you avoid the common pitfalls families fall into when trying to convince a loved-one to stop driving.


The Family Empowerment Class is a two-hour class that takes place in various locations and times. The classes are conducted without the loved-one present and is instructed by a certified  driving  professional. The instructor will take the families through the methodology our evaluators use when performing the assessments in the loved-one’s home, which ultimately gets us to the recommendations we advise. We will listen to the family’s concerns and will work to answer questions about their loved-one’s driving abilities. 


These classes are designed to teach you how to determine their skills and safety level based on facts, not on opinions; void of emotions and family dynamics. Our goal is to get the family members who have the responsibility of “being the bad guys” to have this most important talk in a manner that allows the loved-one to retire with dignity and ensures a successful transition into driving retirement. The class will help the family members get on the same page, with the same message and show a united front. The class environment consists of other family members struggling with the same issues as you.

Family Empowerment Sessions 


This private, in-person session is ideal for the family that believes they can handle the topic of a driving retirement with their loved-one on their own, but would appreciate some direction, guidance, support and encouragement on how best to handle the discussions with their parent.  


The 1-hour session takes place in the comfort and privacy of the concerned family’s home, without the loved-one present and is conducted by a  certified  driving  professional.They will listen to the family’s concerns and will work to answer questions about their loved-one’s driving abilities.  


The family will be provided instructions on how to go through the steps to perfrom their own self-assessment with their loved-one, with special emphasis being placed on the family’s specific concerns. The family will recieve  the materials needed.


We will help you  come up with the alternate transportation  options needed (if applicable) and other options to help your loved-one maintain their independence.

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This class is designed for you if any of these apply to your situation:

  • Are you unsure if mom or dad is still safe enough to drive and not sure what would determine a complete cessation from driving? 

  • You absolutely know mom or dad shouldn’t be driving but you don’t know how to have the conversation or get the other family members on the same page as you, so you do nothing and hope for the best?

  • Did mom or dad have a recent health event such a stroke, a fall, surgery or a cognitive diagnosis and you don’t know if they are safe enough to continue to drive?

  • Were you hoping someone else will take the keys away like the doctor, DMV or the police, but it hasn’t happened so it’s really up to you and you want to do it the correct way that is dignified for your loved-one?

  • Will mom or dad fight you, throw objections your way or make you feel guilty and you are dreading this most important conversation?

  • Do you fight with your sibling because they think it’s still ok for mom or dad to drive, but you don’t?

  • Do you think it’s easier to just take the keys away or tow the car away but know the statistics show that is detrimental to their health, such as social isolation?

  • Are you at a loss on other forms of transportation for your loved one?

Objective of Classes and Private Sessions
  • Learn the same methodology our certified driving professionals use in our in-home assessments to get to the final determination 

  • How to get the family on the same page BEFORE the talk happens

  • How to separate emotions and opinions from fact and skills

  •   How to overcome the most common objections the families will hear (and there will be many)

  • What to watch out for after the conversation, how to avoid rebellious behavior (our loved-ones can be surprisingly resourceful)

  •  How to ensure their loved-one will make this transition into driving retirement seamlessly; avoiding social isolation, depression, sickness

  • Learn when it is the best time to have the talk

  • How to observe certain behavior and signs to determine if something is amiss

  •  How to set the stage if driving cessation will be needed in the future to avoid later conflict

  • Cover alternate transportation options that don’t burden the families

  •  Address specific issues such as mobility, cognitive issues

  • Provide a support group feel- often families feel they are the only one going through this

  • What to do if all else fails