Employee Assistance Program

Eldercare Concierge Perks & Resources (ECPR) Program

Do your employees know where to turn for help for their aging loved-ones?

Being a caregiver is not an easy task, throw in a full-time job and childcare duties into the mix and it's a recipe for stress and unproductivity at work. Gray Matters Alliance's Eldercare Concierge Perks & Resources (ECPR) program can help your employees navigate the very complicated world of eldercare needs.

Usually it's not just one issue caregivers have to deal with in regard to the needs of an older loved-one, but rather a multitude of issues that can become overwhelming and all-consuming, carrying over into their work day. Every single day 10,000 people will turn 65 years old and the trend is expected to continue until the year 2030, increasing the chance that your employees will become a caretaker at some point, if not already.


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How can you accommodate the needs of your caregiving employees, retain them and give you a competitive advantage in a tighter hiring market?

This is where Gray Matters Alliance steps in and helps. Instead of your employees using work hours to call multiple places for multiple things or having to leave to take care of issues, one call to us and we do the rest. Our ECPR program takes the confusion out of where to turn to and takes the stress away, leaving your employees to simply work and be productive. Most of the absenteeism and presentism comes from having to find resources to accommodate their loved-one's needs and then acting on those needs. Not only do we connect your employees with resources but we handle it too. Whether it's scheduling transportation, interviewing in-home care providers, medical supply needs or have VA benefit questions answered, we have all the resources at our fingertips, fully vetted and when applicable, at a discount for the services.


Caregivers are reluctant to tell their supervisors they are also caretakers for fear they will be judged as not completely committed to their jobs. In fact, a study showed 50% of employees didn't divulge their caregiving obligations to their company.


  • 60% of caregivers report being late, leaving early or taking off work completely to attend to caregiving responsibilities

  • More than 80% of caregivers are family members


In a recent article by TIAA Cref, reporting on a study regarding workplace presenteeism, showed that being a caregiver reduces work productivity by 18.5%.


National Alliance for Caregiving estimates that lost productivity costs employers $30-$50 billion per year.

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Our concierge program does all the work that your employees are now doing during their workday!  

Gray Matters Alliance, LLC can alleviate some of the concerns your employees face on a daily basis. Our EAP Concierge program offers many services, resources and perks, not only for your employees but for the company as well.


Please inquire at 314-266-2678 or info@graymattersalliance.com for more details.


[prez-uh n-tee-iz-uh m]

The practice of reporting to work but not being fully present due to other problems outside of work, creating a loss of productivity.