Introducing the Recipient of the 2016 - "Bill & Betty Fresch Outstanding Achievement Award&

Vicki Spraul, B.A. St. Louis, Missouri Keeping Us Safe is proud to announce that Vicki Spraul, B.A., is the recipient of the 2016 "Bill and Betty Fresch Outstanding Achievement Award". A St. Louis resident, Vicki Spraul received her original certification in the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" program inDecember, 2014. She holds a bachelor's degree in business and is the founder of Gray Matters Alliance, an organization created to help keep seniors throughout the greater St. Louis area safe, connected and respected. "The compassion, empathy and tact that Vicki displays while helping older drivers with diminished skills make a smooth retirement from driving are what have made her so successfu

Older Drivers; Better Historians Than Visionaries

In an essay that recently appeared on the Huffington Post blog, the writer described the challenge he faced when trying to convince his 83-year-old father, afflicted with mild dementia and now a widower, to retire from driving. The adult child describes how several months of stressful dialogue on the subject were followed by his father’s failed driving assessment, and most recently, a very intense and emotional conversation between son and father, with dad’s final argument on the issue being a very sincere and frank “I don’t know why I can’t drive, I haven’t killed anybody yet.” The older drivers at the center of this debate of age-related diminishing driving skills are from what Tom Brokaw

Prescription Cocktails and Older Drivers; Tips to Prevent Highway Tragedies

Tragedy in Denver On July 13, 2016, on a city street in southeast Denver, 81-year-old Patricia Livingston drove her Audi A4 into two boys out for an afternoon ride on their bicycles, killing 14-year-old Cole Sukle and severely injuring his 13-year-old friend, Jack Mahoney. Cole and Jack (and a third cyclist that was not struck) were standing in the bike lane/sidewalk when they were hit. After striking the boys, Ms. Livingston continued driving for several blocks, reportedly weaving in and out of the oncoming lane, before crashing in a nearby park. Ms. Livingston’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be .135%, well above Colorado’s legal limit of .08%. Livingston, a 32-year trustee at

Drowsiness and the Older Driver

Introduction Drowsy driving can diminish a driver’s alertness, attention, reaction time, judgment and decision-making, which is sure to lead to a greater chance of an automobile crash. At its extreme, drowsy driving can even lead to the often fatal error of falling asleep at the wheel. The purpose of this article is to provide you with: broad description of just what drowsiness is and what some of the causes can be provide you with a brief explanation of what drowsy driving is show how drowsiness can affect a driver of any age show how drowsiness can be especially detrimental to an older driver The above points summarize the purpose of this article. The real objective of this article, howeve

Keeping Us Safe and GoGoGrandparent Partner to Help Keep Older Drivers Safe AND Independent

Keeping Us Safe is pleased to announce the development of a national partnership with GoGoGrandparent that will help older drivers that may be experiencing a diminishment in driving skills remain safe and independent at the same time. Keeping Us Safe, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, works to help older drivers who may be experiencing an age-related diminishment in driving skills make a smooth transition from the driver’s seat to the passenger, while still maintaining their dignity. Matt Gurwell, retired Ohio State Trooper and founder of Keeping Us Safe, explains “Our programs are designed to save lives by helping older drivers with diminished skills transition into a driving retirement.”

GrandCare Expands Global Footprint, Wins UK Naidex Professional Award

From Aberdeen to Exeter, from London to Dublin, GrandCare is globally expanding all across the United Kingdom. GrandCare’s UK partner, ATEL, is a pioneer in universal design and smart living with a full range of solutions for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and other age-related ailments. The group has been commissioned by Local UK Authorities to scope and design a number of pilots. The pilots will be used as proof of concept to shape new models of care in the UK’s Health and Social Care sector. GrandCare is a key component to these pilots. The GrandCare technology has been fully internationalized for use in the UK, including the use of British English, system-wide.

The Vital Role Memory Plays in Older Driver Safety

We’ve all done it; gotten ourselves lost while traveling to an unfamiliar area, or even losing our car in a crowded parking lot. Some of us (myself included) have even gotten lost while using a GPS. One has to wonder, how is that even possible? But for an older driver who finds his or herself getting lost in otherwise familiar areas, this decline in memory can be a very significant warning sign that danger may lay ahead. In the family setting, the issue surrounding the important role memory plays in older driver safety is often understated or even overlooked altogether. For obvious reasons, when we discuss age-related diminished driving skills in older adults, we tend to focus on the phy