Continuing Education Credit

Bringing a Peaceful Resolution to Complex and Sensitive Senior Driving Issues

This program will provide you with the ability to identify areas of concern involving older drivers, and will assist in the development of attainable lifestyle changes for the older driver that will help keep him or her safe. You will be presented with early intervention tools that will assist you in identifying signs of decline in the senior driver.  We will also provide methods to intercede or to provide direction to concerned family members, all with minimal deterioration to the individual’s self-worth and personal independence.

Driving Under the Influence of Dementia

Gray Matters Alliance Offers Two Different CEU Classes

Program participants will gain a further understanding of the role memory and executive functioning play in safe driving, and how dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease can have an adverse effect on those critical brain functions and thus driving abilities.  We will discuss recent research projects related to the issue of driving with dementia and will offer possible solutions for helping the driver with dementia maintain their independence after a driving cessation.