Assistive Living PLUS Program for Senior Communities

GMA’S latest program helps Bridge the Gap between Senior Living Communities and Future Residents!

Issues Senior Communities Face

All too often families go through the motions of touring your community but end up not doing anything at all.

They reached out to you for a reason. Something in their current living situation isn’t fulfilling their needs, yet they don’t proceed with you.

Most common reasons families don’t commit:

  • Cost

  • They don’t want to move from their home

  • If married, one spouse may need more care than the other spouse but they want to stay together

  • Family takes on caregiving role

  • The client lives in your independent housing now and needs some of what assisted living offers but can still live mostly independent where they are

  • Fear of the unknown, not wanting to change their way of life, or give up independence

  • Competition from other senior communities

Your community is not ready because:

  • You are at 100% occupancy or under construction and have a waiting list. People need an immediate solution, or they go elsewhere

  • Client does not meet your criteria for your assisted living or skilled living

  • Respite care is needed and you don’t have any short-term beds available

Some people take the plunge without much thought but sometimes people just need to get acclimated to the idea of something and takes a little longer to become comfortable with it.


Perhaps they truly don’t need everything you offer, and waiting is the best option. We find that ultimately though, they do end up making a decision to move forward.

The process can be long, don’t put in all the work for another community to pick up where you left off. Your community can help bridge the gap between their tour and the transition to becoming a resident. Give them that intermediary solution and show them how valuable your community really is.

Assistive Living Plus Program for Senior Communities can help give you and the off-premise client the best of both worlds.

Your community can help bridge that gap between “Not yet” and “I’m ready”

How We Can Help

Assistive Living Plus Program for Home Health can help give you and the client the best of both worlds.

By placing a GMA System in the client's existing residence, your off-premise client can benefit from the same type of care as living at your on-site community.

Let GMA help you bridge the gap from “Not Now” to “I’m ready”

There are various ways to incorporate this program into your existing business model. We can assist you in structuring and customizing a plan.


Senior Care Placement Consultants, you face the same issues and we have solutions for you too.

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